Keratosis – Removal Through Surgery

Keratosis – Removal Through Surgery

People are naturally concerned with their looks. In fact, they will do anything just for the sake of being beautiful. Women are especially concerned with this matter, but some men are also into it. But, skin problem excuses no one. The fact is that only a few are aware of the dangers of excessive sun exposure.

Keratosis usually occurs due to excessive sunlight exposure. Symptoms vary with every type and it is difficult to distinguish suitable treatment without consulting a dermatologist. If you are bothered by their appearance, surely, you would want to get rid of them sooner. Fortunately, you have a plenty of choices with regards to removing keratosis and surgery is the most popular. Why is this method preferred by many? What are the things you should understand this removal procedure?

Surgical procedures in removing keratosis are quite easy and straightforward, these procedures have been proved to be effective in removing painful and unsightly spots. The size of spots may differ and chances of clustering together and forming larger spot is possible. They are commonly manifested on the arms, nose, ears and face, areas which are exposed to the sun. Yet, they could also develop to other areas.

Surgery is highly recommended for actinic keratosis, as this skin growth is precancerous and must be removed through surgery. Usually, dermatologists treat harmless types of keratosis with freezing using liquid nitride which also remove skin growths.

For clustered or larger bumps, laser treatment is recommended but they could also be cast off surgically using a blade. Surgeons normally take careful evaluation of the size of the growth before encouraging particular surgery thus ensuring what is best for your case.

Surgery itself is very fast and simple process which can only be done in the same day. The sooner this condition is treated; surgical effectiveness is ascertained thus removing all the chances of becoming a cancer. Also, it will not leave any scars and unsightly marks. This is important when the area affected is your face in which it requires the assistance of talented cosmetic surgeon that ensures that the surgery never leave any marks or blemishes on your skin.

Avoid sun exposure after the surgery. Remember that the sun is the culprit of keratosis and avoiding it will surely make the healing process faster. It also helps if you take good care of your skin and incorporate this with nutritious diet and healthy living. With this, you are preventing keratosis from recurring once again.


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