Follicular Keratosis Removal

Follicular Keratosis Removal

Are you having these dark and crusty kinds of growths on your skin? In case the crusty things are appearing like patches on the skin, then you should know without doubt that it is a symptom of follicular keratosis. Follicular keratosis is a very common skin condition. It has a strong link with genetic manipulation of the skin. It can also be inherited by the offspring from the parent. It is also known as darier keratosis. Follicular keratosis is common in areas like abdomen, thigh, back, neck, the scalp, and the chest. The Follicular keratosis almost always contains pus in it. There are several ways by which this form of keratosis can be treated. With consistent application of any of the treatment methods, you should be able to get rid of the skin condition before long.

What to do before treatment

Before you invent any form of treatment on the Follicular keratosis at all, you need to confirm if it is follicular keratosis or something else. This is because there are several forms of keratosis that appear exactly as this particular one. The doctor will be able to guide you aright on the particular type of keratosis you have. He will also be able to guide you on how to get it removed from your skin.

Try surgery

In case you do not want to make use of any home method to treat your Follicular keratosis, you can always trust your doctor and his scalpel to help get the skin condition removed from your skin. Surgery can help to get rid of the skin condition under very short period of time. The only challenge that attends this form of treatment is the fact that it is considerably expensive. Your health insurance does not cover for the surgery and you are expected to pay every penny yourself.

Helpful home remedies

Several researches are being carried out on the different home remedies that can help you to get rid of Follicular keratosis on your skin. You can apply glycolic acid on the skin condition. The acidic nature of the substance will help to dry up the skin condition. The glycolic acid should be diluted to about 5% concentration before it is used at all.


Irrespective of the home remedy you want to use in removing your Follicular keratosis, you will do well to carry your doctor along. The doctor will be able to direct you on any particular home remedy that will not have adverse effect on your skin.


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