Problems Caused By Keratosis

As much as it is not a disease, Keratosis can be quite a nuisance. It is generally regarded as a risk free skin disorder though it consists of small bumps on the surface of the skin. Keratosis can be hectic to handle as it is difficult to treat but this does not mean it is not treatable; this is just a general overview of the troubles that an infected person has to go through.


Keratosis results from a massive accumulation of the protein keratin in the pores of the skin. When in excess, it causes the surface of the skin to develop small but rough patches that gradually increase to result in the full Keratosis skin condition. In small quantities, keratin is actually very useful to the body as it helps to safeguard the skin from infections or any harmful substances. It is when in excess that it becomes harmful to the skin as it clogs pores of the hair follicles. The appearance that the skin condition causes is actually what annoys majority of those infected. Not that it will affect their health or anything but because it interferes with the general look of the individual. This is especially if it appears on the face or any of the exposed areas and you daily schedule requires you to be in frequent contact with people.


Keratosis has an advantage in that it does not hurt or itch. This is actually very helpful to reassure those newly infected to realize that there is generally nothing to worry about. The bumps just end up giving the skin a sandpaper look that is harmless and painless. In most cases, the patches that form are usually skin colored and only in rare cases do they turn red or white. It is advisable to seek medical advice before you start using any treatment methods.


With Keratosis, using medication constantly can help improve the look of your skin. Unfortunately, once you stop using the medication, the condition will slowly re-appear. All in all, you should be gentle when bathing, especially when it comes to the area infected with Keratosis. Vigorous scrubbing will only irritate your skin and ultimately prolong the time it would take to treat this skin condition. After the bath, take some time and pat your skin dry with a towel, as opposed to the usual wiping. This is very helpful to ensure that the moisture stays in the skin.

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