Natural Removal Of Keratosis

A good way to treat Keratosis is by natural methods, these methods are as good as over the counter lotions and medical products offered to treat Keratosis.

Below are the remedies to treat Keratosis;

Use of Aspirin Mask

Apply aspirin mask in the areas affected by Keratosis. To prepare the aspirin mask simply crush a few aspirin tablets and mix with equal parts of water. Massage the mask on the skin and then rinse with clean water.

Use of Natural Body Scrub

Use a natural body scrub at least three to five times a week. Body scrubs may help in softening the skin and in return helping to remove the dry skin as well. Body scrub can also help to remove the red spots that are normally allied with Keratosis.

Use of Omega Three Fatty Acid

Take omega three fatty acid supplements on daily basis. Omega three fatty acids are essential for the development of general skin health. A number of patients with Keratosis do not get enough of the vital fatty acids in their diet.

Keratosis can also be treated naturally through application of apple cider vinegar treatments. This kind of treatment makes the skin become less dry and may lessen the red spots. There also some gel that are found in snails that may be used in treatment of Keratosis.

Use of sugar scrub is also recommended as a natural way of treating Keratosis. You can purchase ready made sugar scrubs at the stores or make it at home. If you want to make it at home just follow this simple steps. Take one part sugar and mix with olive oil in a bowl until it gets a consistency smooth paste. You may add orange zest to give it a sweet smelling fragrance or add honey to give it a healing property.  Gently scrub the sugar scrub on the dry skin and rinse it off with clean water, then use organic soap to shower afterwards. Do this two to three times a week.

Moisturize the affected skin using virgin oil. This can readily be purchased in your local store. Massage your skin using the virgin oil gently before going to bed every day. Make sure the virgin oil is at room temperature before purchasing.

These solutions may offer a natural way of treating Keratosis red spots. But remember if the natural treatments do not  successfully complete the unsightly red spots then a surgical procedure may be recommended.



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