Keratosis Wart

A keratosis wart is a growth that occurs on the top layer of the skin. It is usually a dark shade of brown and it feels course to the touch. Some warts are fine and therefore are much paler in color while those that have been disturbed will be red-looking. This type of growth is not too large, generally one to three centimeters in diameter, though in some cases it can get up to an inch in thickness. The wart is typically benign and those infected will either have one or more on the chest area, face, back, arms, scalp and neck. The back and chest are the parts most commonly infected by an increased number of the protuberances.


Keratosis warts are mostly present in people who are older, particularly those in their 40’s. They do not occur as a result of any given reason nor are they prevalent on certain individuals. Anyone is susceptible to developing the growth. It is ordinarily unsightly, almost bumpy looking and might sometimes appear oily or slimy. Because the wart protrudes from the skin surface, it can at times look like something attached to the body. Despite its affixed appearance, it cannot be yanked off. There are certain treatment methods that are fit for removing the warts.


It is worth noting that Keratosis warts are not contagious. An individual who has the growths cannot infect another by touching or otherwise. Similarly, they do not cause any pain nor are they harmful. However, they can be itchy which can cause a bit of discomfort and change in appearance. Many people who get these warts choose to get rid of them mainly because they are not pleasing to look at. Larger growths are especially unprepossessing. Fortunately there are ways of removing the warts that are safe and acknowledged.


Before removal, it is advisable to consult with a physician to determine the minimalism or severity of the growth. Once this is done, the doctor may advise on a number of ways to get rid of the wart. The growth can either be removed through the use of a prescription cream. This is applied on the wart for a given period of time. Liquid nitrogen is another removal method. This is used to freeze the wart to eradicate it. An electric current or laser can also be used to vaporize a keratosis wart. And finally, curettage, which involves nicking off the growth, is recommendable for warts that are large. Keratosis warts can be removed but, there is no guarantee that they will not resurface.



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