Natural Cures For Keratosis

One of the most common skin conditions is keratosis. Many people all over the world suffer from one form of keratosis at some point in their lives. Most people think that keratosis eventually develops into cancer. This is far from the truth since keratosis develops into cancer only for a handful of patients. More specifically, there are many types of keratosis and only a few of them have the potential to become cancerous if not treated in time. Most forms of keratosis can safely be ignored and some eventually go away without medical intervention.

Harmless as it may seem, keratosis may have negative implications if left untreated. If the part of the skin that has keratosis is clearly visible it might affect self-esteem of a person since it may be unsightly. If the keratosis is covered by clothes, friction from the clothes might bruise the spot, causing bleeding and opening up the risk of infection. Treatment is a wise choice after the development of keratosis.

There are many people who are not fond of hospitals and prefer to use natural treatments whenever possible. Luckily for them, it is possible to treat some forms of keratosis naturally without ever visiting a hospital.

One of the methods of treating keratosis at home is using liquid nitrogen. It might seem unorthodox but has been proven to work on different types of keratosis. Liquid nitrogen is not a controlled substance and can be easily purchased at many stores. The use of liquid nitrogen requires a lot of caution since it might cause serious injuries to the skin. Special gloves must be used when handling liquid nitrogen to prevent damage to fingers. The liquid nitrogen should be applied on the part of the skin affected by keratosis. This method works by killing the cells that are affected by keratosis. A scab forms on the area after a few days of application and falls off to leave healthy skin.

Using liquid nitrogen on some forms of keratosis is considered to be overkill for some types of keratosis. It is not even practicable in some cases such as keratosis pilaris. One of the simple natural remedies for mild keratosis is moisturizing. The skin should be cleaned with mild soap that does not contain harsh chemicals. A moisturizing cream is then applied on the area. This should be repeated two to three times a day especially after coming back from outside the house.

Diet is another natural remedy for some forms of keratosis. A person should make sure that he/she does not take foods that are known to cause allergic reactions. This is especially the case for keratosis pilaris.



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