Keratosis – Painless Removal Procedure

Keratosis – Painless Removal Procedure

Some say that if there is no pain, no beauty. Do you believe in that? To some point you may agree to that perception. But, do you have to suffer pain just to be beautiful? Not necessarily. In fact, being beautiful starts with you. Beauty experts commonly suggest to eat right to be beautiful. That advice sounds good given that it helps you stay fit and function properly. But there is one thing you should be aware of.

Eating right not only does well internally but also externally. Observe your skin. This is the largest organ your body has. It protects your internal part from the harmful substances present in the environment. So, it is only right to care properly them. Sunlight is good for your body, but excess of it will do harm into your skin. Keratosis develops due to extreme sun exposure. Manifestations are quite obvious on the areas exposed to sun. But it could also be present to other areas. This condition has different types namely, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis and keratosis pilaris. They are harmless, but you should treatment. Fortunately, there are painless removal procedures you can choose from. Here are they.

Freezing is widely preferred by professionals. This procedure uses liquid nitrogen, a very cold substance applied into the skin lesions. It freezes the afflicted area, causing blistering. Over time, the lesions cast off, permitting the emergence of new skin. The treatment itself is quite fast.

Another procedure is chemical peeling. This entails putting chemical solutions into the lesions. They cause blister on the afflicted part and later peel, allowing the formation of new skin. The peeling usually lasts for a week.

Topical medications are also considered normally as ointments or creams. These medications usually contain substances such as fluorouracil which destroys cell-causing actinic keratosis. Likewise, iniquimod modifies the immune system of the skin in stimulating your body’s rejection of cell-causing cancer.

Dermabrasion is another procedure wherein the physician freezes the lesion with Freon spray, then take the growths away. Recovery takes only a week.

Lastly, natural treatment procedure is the ultimate painless keratosis treatment. It only requires diligence in your part as well as patience in doing it. Normally, everything you need in this procedure is present in your kitchen. They are harmless and effective as well.

Foremost, converse with your physician regarding these treatment options and ascertain which procedure is the finest remedy for the type of keratosis you are afflicted with.

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