Natural Treatment For Keratosis

Keratosis usually appears as warty growths on the skin. It can come up in different colors; it can be red, pink, or brown in color. The skin condition normally has a scaly look. It is almost always dry, crusty and rough in appearance.  A times, the keratosis can have itchy effect on the skin. Scratching it is however not the best thing to do. Anyone who makes the mistake of scratching keratosis will end up making things more complicated.

Its general appearance

The skin condition can grow as time goes on. At times, the lesion tends to disappear from the skin, but it can also later reappear on its own.  Its number on the skin also differs.  Some of the places where the skin condition can appear include the ear, the back, the scalp, the face and even the lips. It had been noticed however that the skin condition comes up more in areas of the body that are exposed to the sun more often. It can come up with different appearances.

Is it cancerous?

It had been discovered that keratosis can be precancerous. In fact, its presence on the skin is an indication of cancerous growth. This is why this skin condition must be treated very early so as to avoid any cancerous growth. There are different things that can be done to get rid of the skin condition from your skin. You can actually get things done naturally.

Topical cream treatment

Some topical creams had been specially designed to get rid of this skin condition. The main ingredients in many of the topical creams are derived from various plants. These substances have a way of killing the keratosis right from within. When you apply it on the skin condition, the keratosis will start to decrease in size and it will eventually exfoliate and be removed from the skin. There is need to consistently apply this cream to the surface of the keratosis on the face if you ever want any complete removal within the shortest time possible.


There are also some herbal products that had been used on keratosis in times past. There is however no specific reliability of those herbal products. 6Some are of the opinion that aloe Vera can be helpful in removing the thing from your skin. Some individuals claimed that they have used this treatment method with very good result. You too can apply it on your keratosis and you may be fortunate enough to get the thing healed.


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