Should I Worry About Keratosis?

It is widely known that Keratosis is a growth that develops from excessive accumulation of keratin on the skin. This is a skin condition and not a disease hence that is one hurdle of worry crossed. Many people are aware of the existence of Keratosis and its symptoms while there are still some people that do not know of its existence. It all depends on your societal position. The main problem that many people with Keratosis encounter is the issue of the unattractiveness it causes. Other than that, it is not painful to the infected.


If you have been diagnosed with keratosis, there should really be no reason to worry as in this day and age, there are quite a number of available treatment methods that can be used to treat the bumps that appear on the skin. Whatever you do, always ensure that you visit your doctor so as to get a medical perspective to your condition. This is because there are a number of Keratosis classifications and a doctor is best placed to identify which one you’re developing. Doctors are also well placed to select the best treatment methods as they know your skin type.


Medical experts are yet to ascertain the specific cause of Keratosis. They have however proven that it is not caused by bacteria, fungus or a virus. With this in mind, there should be enough reason to be relieved as there is no way Keratosis can be transmitted through skin contact with an infected person. The same researched were able to narrow down to two common trends that were associated with this skin condition. The first is that it mostly runs in families. There is thus a likelihood of developing Keratosis if your father, mother of grandparent had this condition.


The other trend is that Keratosis seems to be related to excessive sun exposure. The bumps that develop tend to lighten the infected skin area and you can easily bleed should that part be rubbed aggressively. This is something that should be avoided so as to avoid further damage on the skin. There is ultimately nothing to worry about with keratosis, especially if you have seen a doctor regarding this issue. They are well placed to be able to carry out the necessary inspections and diagnose treatment methods that will be very beneficial to you. They will also monitor the progress of your keratosis, depending on how your skin is responding to the applied treatment methods.

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