What To Know About Keratosis

Hyperkeratinization on skin is the main source of keratosis. Keratin is the main component of human hair and fingernail and toenails. When it is produced out of proportion, some skin problems like keratosis could occur. There are many types of keratoses, each varying in nature and causes.

Actinic Keratosis

Solar keratosis or senile keratosis is actinic keratosis technically. This skin condition often takes place to elder people, and to people who get too much sun exposure, thus the names senile or solar keratosis. Actinic Keratosis is a premalignant skin condition and these precancerous skin lesions sometimes lead to squamous cell carcinoma. The main attributes of actinic keratosis is its thick, crusty and scaly bumps appearing on the parts of the body exposed mostly to the sun. One must be worried if he or she has this, for it can progress into a skin cancer later.

Actinic Keratosis Treatments

There are many treatments for skin that have actinic keratosis. Non surgical or surgical treatments can be chosen. Surgical treatments include laser, electrocautery or cryotherapy. It depends on your case if these treatments match you. Non surgical treatments entail the application of creams.

Imiquimod, popularly by the trade names Aldara and Beselna can treat actinic keratosis. It is a type of drug which is an immune response modifier. A doctor’s recommendation is needed to acquire the drug. The treatment may cause discomforts and skin may look unsightly. Although the treatment process is not very pleasant, you’re sure to get good results.

Efudex is a form of 5-flourouracil, an anti cancer drug. The drug is a topical cream also employed for chemotherapy. All the patient has to do is apply the cream with his or her fingers. Side effects include inflammation, itchiness, and pain on the area where the cream is applied. In other cases, skin discoloration and scarring also happens. The good thing is that it only occurs on the track of the treatment. Prior to the application of the drug, you must let your doctor know if you are taking any forms of medicine. Efudex can have adverse effects on a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, so it must be avoided. You should regulate sun exposure plus the use of sunscreens when using Efudex.

A medical recommendation is significant before you go through any sort of treatment.

Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis is just like actinic keratosis, the main difference is its greasiness. It could not lead to cancer. Seborrheic keratosis is influenced by keratinocytes. The appearance of seborrheic keratosis contributes to its name “barnacles of old age. Its cause is still uncertain.

Seborrheic Keratosis Treatments

Cryosurgery and electrocautery are some forms of treatments for seborrheic keratosis. Electodessication and curettage is used for cases that are big enough.. With surgical excision, a scalpel is used in place of a curette.

If you already have these skin diseases healed, then take care of it. It could occur again if you become careless about your personal hygiene.

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