Keratosis Removal Solutions are Effective in Removing the Unsightly Skin Patches

Keratosis is a fairly common skin condition that results from excess sun exposure. Keratosis removal solutions include surgical procedures and creams. These unsightly bumps are often painful and uncomfortable. They are located most commonly on the areas of the skin that are exposed daily to the sun. These areas include the face, the nose, the ears, and the arms. Excess exposure to the sun should be avoided.

Keratosis is also known as actinic keratosis (AK), solar keratosis and cutaneous horns. These unsightly and uncomfortable skin patches appear at first to be the size of a pencil point or an eraser and can cluster together and grow larger if not addressed quickly. These patches appear to be reddish in color and covered with a white and yellow crust, the cutaneous horns protrude from the skin in a hornlike pattern. Keratosis removal solutions are effective and are covered by insurance.

Keratosis bumps are considered to be precancerous and have a 5% to 10% chance of developing into skin cancer. Melanoma skin cancer is a risk associated with untreated keratosis bumps. Keratosis bumps should be treated as early as possible in order to stop their progression and growth and to eliminate the risk of developing into cancer.

Liquid nitrate is used to treat keratosis affectively. Liquid nitrate can be used on smaller bumps and will melt the bump from off of the skin. Keratosis removal solutions also include laser treatments which utilize lasers to remove the bumps from the skin. Surgical procedures which used a surgical blade are also used for larger bumps and clusters of bumps.

It is recommended that patients avoid excess exposure to the sun following all keratosis removal solutions. Excess sun exposure is a direct link to the development of keratosis bumps and unsightly clusters. These rough patches of skin can also be addressed through prescription creams provided through a doctor or physician. These creams are most effective in addressing keratosis during its earliest stages. Fair skinned individuals are found to be more prone to developing keratosis conditions and should avoid excess sun exposure. Keratosis removal solutions are effective in removing the unsightly bumps and in removing the risk of cancer.