Keratosis Home Removal

Keratosis is totally non carcinogenic. This means that it does not result into cancer in the least. You may therefore not bother about getting it removed. But in case you do not like it to be seen by every one on your skin, you can as well deicide to get it removed so as to give your skin a smooth appearance.

There are times that the keratosis can also become problematic. This happens when its surface is brushed by clothing materials and it tends to bleed. At times like this, the best thing you can do is to get it removed without any further delay. This simple write up will open your eyes to some of the home remedies you can depend upon to get keratosis removed.

Try topical creams

Topical creams can be very helpful in getting rid of keratosis on the skin. You do not need to worry about how to get the creams; a simple visit to any of the drug stores around will yield different creams that can be used for this purpose.  The over the counter creams will help you to exfoliate the keratosis and it will get the skin condition removed from your skin. Different topical creams have different active ingredients and this brings about the difference in the period of time when the topical creams can get rid of the skin condition.

Some special supplements to take

Another way to treat keratosis at home is to depend on vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is a very important addition to normal creams. It is also possible for the topical cream you use above to contain vitamin D. in case it does not, you can take the vitamin D separately. The supplement will help to get rid of the skin condition under some weeks of consistent use.  It will be great if you can contact a dermatologist for the proper dosage of the supplement to be taken.

Freeze it up

In case you do not want to use any of the methods above, you can always freeze off the keratosis from your skin. This can be done by applying liquid nitrogen to the surface of the skin condition. The freezing effect of the liquid nitrogen will help to get rid of the skin condition and you can regain your normal skin color back after some days of consistent usage.  You can also get the liquid nitrogen over the counter.


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