Skin Keratosis

Senile Keratosis the type of skin Keratosis looks like the moles that appear on the face, or on the back. For most of the people who are above fifty years of age, they appear on the back of the hands. These spots appear on the skin of those people who have fair complexion or paled skin. Although the growth of these spots is not painful, but they have no correlation with the cancer and usually occurs when skin is exposed too much to sunlight. Senile Keratosis is one of the types of Actinic Keratosis.

How can we differentiate between senile skin Keratosis and the other spots? These spots appear in the form of little bumps on the surface of the skin. Their sizes vary between 1mm to 3mm and some of them may be larger. But their texture is rough and color is red. People that suffer from senile Keratosis must consult immediately with their doctors. Sometimes skin Keratosis is painful and infected and they can grow. So, one should consult if he is feeling this problem.

How to diagnose senile Keratosis? These spots can be diagnosed by checking the conditions of the skin. Usually doctors use intense light and lens to test the presence of these spots. If these spots appear on the hair, they can be checked by splitting the hairs. After testing, samples are taken by the doctors and does biopsy test. Four different methods that can be used for the treatment of senile Keratosis include liquid nitrogen method, electro surgery, curettage, medication and photodynamic therapy. All these methods are available for different people depending on the type of the skin. As one method suits one type of skin and the others for the other skins, but one can method is suitable for certain type of skins.

In liquid nitrogen method of treatment, the spots are frozen using liquid nitrogen. This helps in setting the pain off, but it can freeze the skin for three days not more than that. This method terminates the growth of senile Keratosis and at most 14 days are taken to heal. The second method of treatment is use of curettage and electro surgery. In this method, local anesthetic is applied on the affected part of the skin and lump spots are peeled off using curette. After this, electro surgery is applied to cut the bleeding and any abnormal cells are wiped out using this surgery. Other methods of treatment are also useful, but they are used if prescribed by the doctors.


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