Seborrheic Keratosis Removal

Seborrheic keratosis is spots or growths on the skin. It usually affects part of the body such as the back, on stomach, face and scalp. The color is light brown on first appearance, but darker as it grows. It can spread as time progresses.  It is common among Caucasians with both women and men sufferers.  It hardly affects people with dark skin colors.  Research and test has shown that seborrheic keratosis is common among people who love sun bathing with little or no protection from the sun rays. People who have keratosis should look for any keratosis removal treatments available at their disposal.

Seborrheic keratosis removal is not easy.  Several people have tried the use of therapy, laser and scraping with little or no result.  People who desire to undergo keratosis removal can use glycolic acid solution to remove it.  There are quite a number of successes recorded with people who underwent keratosis removal by applying the solution to the affected area of their skin.  The treatment is done over a period of four days for effective and fast result.  On the first and second day, the glycolic acid solution is prepared with a concentration level of about 30-35%.  For proper application, it should be poured into a sprayer bottle so that it can be sprayed on the affected area of the skin.  Although, the solution may sting at first, it should not be wiped off.  It should be left to dry on the skin.  The treatment can be applied at night just before going to bed.  On the third and fourth day of the treatment, Celandine can be sprayed instead of using glycolic acid.  It should not be wiped off.  It should be left on the skin without rinsing off throughout the night.

If the spot or lump is still visible on the skin, the solution can be reapplied for total keratosis removal.  After the treatment, the skin may look pinkish red.  This is an indication that Seborrheic keratosis is destroyed.  Later on, crusts can be seen on the affected spot and then, the spot will gradually disappear revealing the skin.  The skin continues to heal.  For people who experiences discoloration of their skin, they can apply any lightening cream on the affected area to blend the spot with the remaining part of the body.

People who desire to undergo Seborrheic keratosis removal should use the glycolic acid solution should first go for patch test before starting the treatment.  It is also necessary to commence treatment with lesser concentration of glycolic acid and gradually increase it if the appearance is not changing.  The treatment of Seborrheic keratosis removal enumerable above is very effective.

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