Removing Keratosis

Keratosis is a skin condition that is characterized by the growth of keratin on the skin. This condition starts when there is an overproduction of keratin by the keratinocytes which are the cells producing keratin in the body. Removing keratosis is not a hard task as most of you might think. There are several methods of getting rid of this skin condition.


Removing keratosis can be for several reasons. It could either be for cosmetic reasons or for health reasons. This is so as some types of keratosis are normally benign while others are very cancerous. Cryotherapy is one way of removing keratosis. This is normally done at the hospital and involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesions and easily works on thin lesions. Thick lesions are not usually easy to get rid of via this method.


Glycolic acid can also be used in the process of removing keratosis. This is an acid and therefore has to be diluted. If it is not diluted, it will obviously burn your skin. It is best used at 30% concentration and is put in a spray bottle where you can now spray the acid on the affect parts.  This way of removing keratosis can bring a tingly feeling on the skin but this is so for only the first few times but when you are used to it you will be fine.


Curettage is another of the many ways of removing keratosis. This process is normally done by a doctor whereby he will remove the growths with a spoon-shaped instrument but this is never effective when used alone. It is best used alongside electrocautery.


Removing keratosis is possible by the use of hydrogen peroxide. This is used in solution form and it is best used according to how your dermatologist has stated. Normally, this solution is best when it is between 20-40%.


Electrical charge can also be used in a process called electrocautery and whereby charge of low voltage is sent to a needle tip and then used to burn the growth. This method can be a bit painful but it is wise to use anesthetic.


Lastly, surgical excision can also be used when removing keratosis. The doctor will inject you with a local anesthetic and use a scalpel to remove the growth. Laser beams can also be used to burn the growths then destroy them. Lasers are very effective but very expensive too.

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