Removing Keratosis Yourself

There are many methods on how Keratosis can be removed. They range from home made treatment to treatment provided by the doctor. These could include but not limited to the use of herbal extracts and treating it with the use of nitrogen that is liquid in nature as well as removal by the doctor through a surgical process. Taking of vitamins as well as supplements is another way to treat Keratosis.

Home methods for removing Keratosis

Herbal extracts: this could include the use of aloe Vera among other herbs to treat Keratosis. It involves the application of the extracts from the herbs on the spots repeatedly for some days. Consistent application clears Keratosis in few days. This method is very safe and painless with the guarantee of getting positive results. It is a simple and quick natural way that any one can use at home.

Unblocking the skin pores

It involves the removal of Keratosis spots through the process of reducing pores that have been blocked by vascular layer in the skin to be soft. To be successful in removing Keratosis you must have a daily schedule that does not worsen the situation. By first scrubbing the spot it unblocks the inner pores of the skin. It is recommended for the individuals that have dried skins to shower using lukewarm water and use the moisturizers.

Medical methods of treating Keratosis


Use of liquid nitrogen: It involves the application of liquid nitrogen to the growth by using a spray gun. This will freeze the growth of Keratosis. It is also simple, natural and cost effective way to remove Keratosis at home. As much as it is effective method of removing Seborrheic Keratosis the disadvantage is that it might not work best in cases where there are thick growths. It might also leave behind white spots that are permanent. Liquids like hydrogen peroxide can also be used to treat Keratosis

Electrocautery: this requires the services of a specialist. It involves the burning of the skin growth by using an electric current only or together with surgical instrument that is referred to as curette in medical terms. The treated lesion is scrapped using the curette and it might lead to a small bleeding. As much as this method is effective it might take longer period as compared to the other methods.

Removal of Keratosis is no longer a problem. The above methods can be used according to one’s preference.


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