Removal Of Skin Keratosis

Skin keratosis is an issue for those people who have skin diseases. Most of the people who work outdoors in the sun suffer from this disease. Sunrays have different types of rays including ultraviolet rays that are extremely dangerous for skin. Although Allah has helped man by creating the ozone layer to protect the humans from these damaging rays, but excessive pollution in the atmosphere has reduced its protective abilities. Ultraviolet sunrays are the main cause of keratosis. The eyes and the skin of patients with keratosis are usually pale or light color. Keratosis cells produce other cells called keratin. When keratin increases, spots start appearing on the skin. These spots that appear on the skin can be dangerous for the patient. Although some of them are not dangerous to the health of the patient, they may grow in excess. The spots that are dangerous for the health of patients is called malignant, while the ones that are not dangerous and do not grow in excess are called benign. Most people do not like to have these spots appear on their skin and if they appear, they remove them so that they may look beautiful and healthy. There are many means that are useful for the removal of these spots.

The natural ingredients that are very helpful in removing benign spots include rubbing lemon sugar on the affected area. Lemon sugar is the mixture of sugar, honey, almond oil, and lemon oil. This method of treatment is not only cheap, but also produces healthy and soft skin if applied properly. The medical method of treatment is also useful and involves liquid nitrogen that stops the growth of keratin inside the skin. This method can produce good results if the growth of keratosis on the skin is thin. Likewise, if the growth on the skin is thick, it is not useful. Another medical treatment method includes curettage. In this method of treatment, a physician applies local anesthetic on the affected part of the patient, and then uses a curette to scrape off the growth. Another medical treatment method is electro surgery. In electro surgery, an electric charge is applied to the affected part of the skin and stops the growth of keratosis.

Another important method of treatment of keratosis is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a concentrated acid, so it is diluted with water to avoid burning the skin. This method of treatment is very simple and effective, and it can produce good results.


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