Removal Of Keratosis

Keratosis is usually seen on people who loves sun baths and those who spend long hours either working or bathing in the sun. Keratosis occur as a result of extreme exposure to sun rays.  Patients of keratosis are people with pale and light colored skin or eyes. Keratosis are skin disorders that result from production of too much keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are cells of the skin responsible for the production of keratin. Keratosis are manifested on the skin by a growth of keratin on the skin.  There are different kinds of keratosis. Some of the growths are malignant, that is, dangerous to health and may grow excessively. Others are benign, which means they are not dangerous to health and may not grow. Because of the different kinds of keratosis, people who have it normally remove it for health or beauty reasons. Keratosis can be removed in several ways.  People affected can use medical means and home natural ingredients to treat it.

Natural ingredient

Keratosis can be treated by rubbing lemon sugar on the affected area.  It is made from sugar, almond oil, honey and lemon oil.  The method is inexpensive and produces a good soft and smooth skin when properly administered.

Medical methods

Keratosis can be treated medically by the use of cryotherapy.  It is a process that involves the use of liquid nitrogen to congeal the growths.  It is effective if the growth is thin and not thick. Another medical treatment that can be used is Curettage.  The doctor applies local anesthetic first on the affected area and then the curette is used to scrape off the growth.  This process can be used in conjunction with electrocuatery.  This involves using electrical charge to scorch the growths and wipe them out.

Glycolic acid can also be used to remove keratosis growth from the skin.  It is an acid that is very concentrated and so must be diluted to avoid burning.  The concentration of the acid can be 30% and poured into a spray bottle to be sprayed on the spots affected.  It is a very effective method and very easy to use. Another acid that can be applied on keratosis growth is hydrogen peroxide.  The concentration should be 20-40%.  The direction for use is based on doctors’ prescription.

For appropriate solution to keratosis growths, people should contact or consult their doctors who are in a good position to prescribe medications based on the skin and type of keratosis involved.

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