Keratosis removal – Keratosis removal methods

The kind of removal therapy performed on Keratosis infections will be determined by a number of factors which include; the nature of the affected skin, the extent of spread or damage caused by Keratosis infection, and the age of the individual. In most cases, teenagers who suffer from mild Keratosis infection may only need to deal with the situation through the use of Keratosis creams, lotions or take into some medications such as Liquid Nitrogen or some other forms of oral treatments. Adults who suffer from the infection may also need to perform some surgical incision of oral therapies for the removal of the keratosis agents.

Cryo-surgery is the term used in describing the use of freezing liquid Nitrogen to destroy and remove the growth of Keratosis on the skin. In some other surgical procedures; including Surgical incision, the doctor will either cut-off or burn-off the Keratosis development.

The use of Keratosis creams such as 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) , can also help an individual fade away gradually the keratosis growth on the skin.  Most of these keratosis creams cause keratosis infections to become red and inflamed before they finally fall off.  Though the use of Keratosis creams may be highly effective but such creams often leave some unsightly skin which may become uncomfortable for the individual for several weeks.  The use of Keratosis removal creams is most suitable for those who are often exposed to the damaging rays of the sun.  The skin will look smoother and even tone once it has been healed and this method of treatment can also be used effectively when reoccurrence of Keratosis persist.

Photo-Dynamic therapy is another form of treatment for Keratosis. This procedure involves the use of a dye which increases the sensitivity of the skin to light. Leaving the dye on the affected skin area for about 1 hour and then exposing the area to light from laser will help destroy such skin growth. This therapy is ideal for people who have lots of keratosis outgrowth on their skin.

The use of prescription medications for the treatment of Keratosis is also popular, however many of such prescription medications have not proved to a large extent that they can actually help remove Keratosis infections, Most of the people who make use of these prescription drugs often witness a constant recurrence of the condition and such keratosis conditions may worsen over the years.