Keratosis Removal by Surgery

Keratosis removal by surgery is a fairly easy and uncomplicated procedure that is effective in removing unsightly and painful keratosis spots. Keratosis spots can range in size from the tip of a pencil to the size of an eraser and they may also cluster together and appear to form a larger spot. Keratosis is most commonly seen on the face, ears, nose, and arms. Solar keratosis is considered to derive from excess sun exposure and it is recommended that these precancerous spots be removed surgically.

Keratosis removal by surgery is most effective in removing these potentially cancerous bumps from the skin. Dermatologists frequently treat keratosis with liquid nitride. Liquid nitride effectively removes small growths from the skin. Keratosis removal by surgery may be required for larger or clustered keratosis bumps. The surgical procedure may involve the use of laser treatments. They may also be removed surgically with a blade. Your surgeon will evaluate the size and the development of the keratosis in order to determine which treatment will be most effective.

Keratosis removal by surgery is a same-day surgery that is generally a simple process. The sooner keratosis is addressed the more effective a simple surgery will be in removing all risk of potential cancer. Keratosis is considered to be precancerous with a 5% to 10% chance of developing into cancer.

Sun exposure will need to be avoided after the keratosis removal by surgery. Sun exposure is the most common cause of keratosis. Keratosis can be painful and unsightly and the most effective way in removing it is found in surgery; however, there are natural creams available which may help to reduce keratosis. Avoiding sun exposure may also allow the keratosis the time needed to vanish. Care of keratosis spots or bumps who should be quickly addressed and overseen by a skilled and experienced physician.

Keratosis precancerous spots are most effectively removed through a same-day surgical procedure. This procedure will not leave scars or unsightly marks on the face. The professional assistance of a skilled cosmetic surgeon may be needed if the keratosis is on the face. The skill of a cosmetic surgeon will assist the patient in having the keratosis completely removed without any remaining blemishes or marks on the skin. Fair skinned individuals are more prone to develop keratosis and should avoid excess sun exposure. Keratosis removal by surgery is one of the most effective way to treat these precancerous cells.