Keratosis On Light And Dark Skin

Keratosis On Light And Dark Skin

Is ethnic skin a myth or a fact? Whether ethnic skin is a myth or a fact it should not be assumed that those with darker skin should not be concerned of skin infections, ethnic skin has sun block mechanism against sun’s rays that can kill the cells however this is not proof enough that your skin is safe from skin infections. Contrary to what most people think the melanocytes present in the skin is in equal amounts for both darker skin and light skin. Melanocyte is the one that produces melanin which creates the keratin pigment.

There is also a great difference between light skin and dark skin not just from the color difference but also if you take a look at the amount of keratin present, for darker skin the cells are larger producing more keratin, while for lighter skin the cells are broken down rapidly as they migrate to the surface hence less keratin is produced. This is the reason as to why those with lighter skin get infected faster with keratosis since there is less amount of keratin on their skin; nevertheless those with darker skin are not left out since much exposure to the sun exposes their skin to keratosis.

There is also a big difference when it comes to the inflammatory response, the darker skin will often show significant inflammatory response below the skin surface while above the skin surface the lesions show no inflammation. This is risky since if the inflammation goes unnoticed then it will result to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For lighter skin the inflammation is visible on the lesions.

For all those who believe that darker skin is oilier than lighter skin then you are wrong that is just but a myth. As much as oil may be more visible on darker skin than light skin this does not mean that dark skin has more oil. All types of skin have different types starting from normal dry skin to oily skin. It is wise to take care of your skin no matter whether you have oily or dry skin treat your skin in a special way, Hence it’s how you take care of your skin that determines if you will be infected by keratosis.

Dermatologists receive training skills on treating patients with keratosis based on skin color, this is due to the big difference brought out by the skin responses to the infection, for instance the scars caused by keratosis can be very ugly on light skin than on darker skin therefore if you want to keep your skin looking pretty then use the recommended products to cure keratosis give your skin special treatment and don’t forget to seek medical advice.

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