Keratosis- Glycolic acid treatment of Keratosis

Glycolic acid is a natural acid found in several fruits,  and they are used for repairing or shedding the old and damaged skin cells and tissues while the rejuvenation of new cells are encouraged. Glycolic acid are mostly know for their effectiveness in dealing with all sorts of facial problems, alongside Lactic and citric acid. Glycolic acid peel is very effective in treating Keratosis as well as skin problems related to ageing problems. Glycolic acid can also be used in treating brown discolourations, fine lines, and dry spots , and it helps people with acne prone skin to prevent the skin infection.

Glycolic acid works on keratosis by simply by loosening the glue-like substances which hold  the surface skin cells together and this ensure that that the older dead cells fall off  and these are replaced by the fresher and better underneath structure of skin. The long term usage of Glycolic acid will stimulate the collagen as well as elastin structure to regenerate finer lines .

Fruit acid peels such as Glycolic acid is ideal for people who probably are too busy to make use of Laser surgery or do not have enough money to pay for laser surgery . A typical Glycolic acid peel for the treatment of Keratosis often last between 15-20 minutes and it is done twice a week repeatedly until the Keratosis has disappeared and the skin rejuvenated. Glycolic acid peel treatment does not take much time to heal the skin{ recovery process is one of the fastest among keratosis treatment therapies}.

Depending on the sensitivity of the skin to treatment, the concentration of Glycolic acid in the peel is often prepared at between 20%-70% concentration, and the face is first cleansed thoroughly before the application of the Glycolic acid peel, the face is allowed to dry for around 3 minutes before the peel is thus applied. The Glycolic acid stings mildly and then the peel is washed off.

It is quite important to note the different concentration of Glycolic acid used in treating Keratosis infection on different kinds of skin. 10% Glycolic acid is used in treating dry, and dehydrated skin types, 30% Glycolic acid concentration is used for sensitive skin which are also dehydrated , dry, and oily in nature. Concentrations of 50%-70% of Glycolic acid is used on skin types which are highly dry and dehydrated { the most dehydrated and keratosis infested skin types}