Keratosis is a condition where there is an excessive production of keratin on the skin. This production can occur anywhere and for different reasons and because of that keratosis is further divided into smaller branches. One of these branches is known as pilaris keratosis.


This is a very common skin condition that is characterized by small bumps appearing on the surface that look like acne. These bumps are caused by excess protein being dumped in the hair follicles causing them to block. This gives the person having the condition, skin that looks like that of chicken skin or meat bumps. This condition is usually seen in the arms and back although areas like the top of the legs and the buttocks are also common.

Hard skin like that found in the soles and palms and which is also referred to as glabrous skin remains unaffected. As much as it may rarely affect the face, pilariskeratosis in this area would most likely be confused with acne as they look similar in appearance.

This can be said to be a harmful condition as it does not prove to be a health challenge but it will look unsightly and prove to be frustrating for those who value appearances. This condition is often seen in children than adults though any person of any age can develop it. as mentioned earlier it does not affect one’s overall health so the condition can also develop in perfectly healthy persons.

Usually it is not a condition that would need drastic treatment but for those who are conscious about how they look may opt to seek medical attention. The treatment itself is very simple and mostly revolves around personal cleanliness and creams for applying topically.

The symptoms of this condition are similar to acne. You will see small bumps on your skin especially in the upper parts of you arm, your legs and buttocks. This is just a visual condition as you will not feel any itch or pain and if you are one who doesn’t pay close attention, the condition can go unnoticed. Most of the time the condition will look like sandpaper but will remain your skin color. Sometimes, these patches turn red and become inflamed.

The cause of pilariskeratosis is the deposition of keratin in the hair follicles. Keratin is a hard substance out of which hair and nails are made up of. Thus its deposition will clog the follicles leading to the formation of those bumps.

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