How To Remove Keratosis

Keratosis is a skin condition that is characterized by the growth of keratin on the skin due to its overproduction in keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are the special skin cells that produce keratin.


There are many different types of keratosis. Some are malignant while others are benign. There is seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, keratosis pilaris among others. Since they are different in terms of health risks, people who want to know how to remove keratosis, do it either for their health or beauty.


There are several ways of how to remove keratosis. Some of the ways on how to remove keratosis are purely natural and ingredients from your home kitchen can be used while some are hospital based.


Lemon sugar scrub is one of the ways of how to remove keratosis. This is a scrub made from sugar, sweet almond oil, runny honey and lemon essential oil. This scrub is purely natural and cheap. It will be easy on your skin and above all, make it soft and smooth.


Cryotherapy is also one of the ways of how to remove keratosis. This is a process whereby a dermatologist uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the growths. This method works best with thin growths than thick ones.


Curettage is also a way on how to remove keratosis. Here, the growth is physically removed by the doctor using a spoon-shaped instrument. This method is not fully effective and has to be combined with electrocautery which is another way on how to remove keratosis. Electrocautery involves the use of electrical charge at a low voltage to burn the growths hence eventually destroying them.


Another way on how to remove keratosis is the use o glycolic acid. This is an acid and therefore has to be diluted so that it does not burn the skin. It is best used at 30% concentration and is put in a spray bottle where you can now spray the acid on the affect parts. Most people complain of a tingly feeling caused by this method but after getting used to it, they stop complaining.


Hydrogen peroxide is used in the growths in a concentration of about 20-40%. This is used in solution form and it is best used according to how your dermatologist has stated.


In conclusion, it is best you speak with your dermatologist on how to get rid of keratosis in the best way possible for your pocket and skin type.

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