How To Increase Collagen After Keratosis Removal

Keratosis infection no doubt weakens the structure of the skin especially with the weakening or breakdown of the supporting collagen materials. Aside keratosis and some other skin disorders that can damage collagen in the skin, the internal processes of the skin can also result in the depletion of collagen , hence you will need some forms of collagen replacement therapies to get you skin back to normal. Collagen for instance determines the structure of your face and it is the collagen which makes up around 25% of the total protein of the body. Though there are 4 major types of collagen, however collagen is found in the skin and its characteristic tensile strength gives the skin its characteristic elasticity and strength.

It is very essential to increase collagen content after treating it from a disorder such like keratosis. Restylane injections are some of the most expensive ways of refilling your collagen levels. These injections are often used as wrinkles fillers , and they also encourage the neighbouring tissues of the skin to produce collagen. The elasticity of the skin is thus restored after refilling such wrinkles.  You need to check with your medical insurance and your physician before going for this kind of collagen treatment.

Vitamin A and Retinol are some of the best natural ways of replenishing your collagen after treating your skin from freckles or some other skin disorders. Vitamin A in high quantities can increase your collagen production level, aside the fact that it helps build your immune system and performs several other health benefits. Vitamin A is not usually available in high dosage over the counter. Retinol are natural skin enhancers which can be combined with Vitamin A or taken as a supplement.

One advanced way of improving your skin collagen level is through Thermage procedures. These procedures involve the heating up of the dermal layer , this contrast the skin  and that increase collagen production. This form of collagen restoration is performed by a medical expert. Laser photo rejuvenation procedures can be described as a multi-functional procedure for treating keratosis as well as restoring collagen production.

Boosting collagen in the skin often comes with treatment therapies, hence you don’t have to spend extra money especially when you go for advanced methods of skin treatments. You can deal with your keratosis and then improve your collagen strength afterwards.

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