Hereditary Keratosis

There are different forms of keratosis. One thing about them is that they all seem to appear equally. This is not surprising anyway; considering the fact that they have exactly the same kind of source; that is, they are formed by the same agent.   Have you ever thought of the possibility that keratosis can be inherited? It is possible that you have not given it a thought. In case you are still in the dark about this issue, this simple write up will help to enlighten you on the possibility of getting keratosis from your parents. Why not take some time to read through the piece presented below for further enlightenment on the subject matter.

The inheritable variant

It is not all forms of keratosis that can be inherited. The particular one that can be inherited is referred to as palmoplantaris varian. It is possible to inherit it from either of the parents, but this particular type had been found to be more noticeable with maternal parents. The hereditary keratosis is actually very rare, this is to say that it is not common around at all. The numbers of individuals having it are not much at all in comparison with various other forms of keratosis. Medically, this form of keratosis is referred to as an autosomal dominant disease.  It can also be found on the skin of the young ones.

Its appearance

The hereditary keratosis appears like a yellow patch on your skin. It is commonly found on the palm and it had also been detected on the sole of the foot. It had also been noticed to be accustomed to those areas of the palm and the feet that are taken through much pressure.  Because the skin condition can be gotten from the parents does not mean that only the present parent can transmit it. It is possible that the grand parents are actually the ones that had it. It might have been recessive in the parents and then become dominant in the offspring.

In actual fact, this skin condition does not have any kind of negative health implication. This means that you may decide to leave it without it leading to cancer or any such things. But several treatment methods had also been made available for its treatment. But it will be better if you present yourself at the hospital right from the moment that you notice the associated yellow patch of the hereditary keratosis on your skin.


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