Fraxel Laser Keratosis Treatment

The most dreaded thing on earth by most people are the words aging and cancer, the sun can cause both and many of us expose our skin to the sun with none or not enough protection. Since aging is unavoidable, there are ways to postpone it and sustain youthfulness. Having wrinkles and fine lines accompany the aging process. Dark spots and keratoses on the skin also appear as a person ages.

Dark spots and actinic keratosis on the skin are caused by exposure to the sun. These are essentially sun damage to the skin and Actinic Keratoses must be treated as soon as possible as they are precancerous lesions. However, treated early they can be cured.

Dark spots are often seen alongside AK’s as both are related to sun damage to the skin from excessive unprotected sun exposure. Especially if it is on the face, it could really affect your appearance and confidence. If you are looking for an effective way of removing actinic keratosis, you may choose from keratosis removal creams, gels and lotions. But these treatments are not effective for all.

An effective way to remove actinic keratosis is through Fraxel Laser treatment. Fraxel stands for Fractional Erbium Laser.  Other laser procedures may not be effective as they are non-ablative, but a Fraxel: Repair treatment is an ablative procedure so will offer good results.  Other ablative procedures to consider are CO2 resurfacing or dermabrasion.

Because Fraxel laser treatment is so effective, it could only take one treatment.  Despite the fact of its safety and effectiveness, this treatment procedure can cost many dollars. So, if your AK’s are not so many and severe, try another way for getting rid of them. But if you insist on this effective way of removing keratois, then go for it.

Previous AK’s are removed by Fraxel treatment, but not future AK’s. Even if Fraxel has removed your actinic keratosis, it could return again. Avoiding exposure to the sun is a way to prevent actinic keratosis from coming back. Indeed it is a nasty condition, caused by not looking after our skin all for the sake of beauty.