Actinic Keratosis Removal

Actinic Keratosis Removal

Skin problems such as keratosis are the most common problem faced by people all over the world. Every person is suffering from skin diseases that are present in different forms. People look for the treatment, but they do not understand the thing that is the main cause of skin problems. The main cause of skin problems is sun. Sun is the source of heat generation in the world, but along with heat, UV rays also reach us. These UV rays are the main cause of skin problems and they are extremely dangerous for the skin. Allah has created Ozone layer to protect the humanity from these rays; ozone layer filters these rays from all the rays coming from the skin. But some rays reach the earth because the capacity of the ozone layer reduces to avoid these rays from reaching the earth. This capacity is reduced because of the exposure of dangerous gases into the air.

One of these skin problems is actinic Keratosis. Such type of skin condition is due to dry patches that appear on the skin, when skin exposes to the sun rays. Such patches are similar in outlook to lesions, although both of them are different from one another. Patches that appear on the skin is a continual process and if it develops once, it continues to develop for years because no one cares of exposing himself to the sun rays. The color of all the spots that appear on the skin is same, but their sizes very. The size of the smallest spot is equal to the size of the lead of the pencil while the biggest spot is equal to the size of quarter. These spots are usually round or oval in shape, but sometimes they form a horn like structure. Such horn like actinic Keratosis is called cutaneous horns.

Actinic Keratosis is extremely dangerous because they can gradually progress and becomes a skin cancer. Such types of skin cancer are formed when the patient may not be able to find the spot change. Squamous carcinoma is the type of skin cancer usually caused by actinic Keratosis. Patient must go the doctor and visit him if he finds any spot of actinic Keratosis on his skin because this gives a chance for melanoma to develop. Melanoma is extremely dangerous skin cancer because it has the ability to spread in all organs. The name actinic Keratosis describes itself its name in which actinic describes the part of the skin in which chemical reactions take place as the result of over exposure to the skin.


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